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  1. I guess it depends if it's for collecting or resale then, as others have highlighted generally we want to see beautiful specimens!
  2. @Frank0215 Can confirm that it's just a die crack 🙂 I don't handle that many lizzys, but i don't think it's as common with them.
  3. Doubles don't often sell for much more than spot I don't think, though this year and a few others would be clear exceptions. I guess yes it would be the best value way to get the date into your collection, but then is your collection going to be doubles? 🙂
  4. Nothing changed for me since Brexit, maybe for Paris yes but for US things have always been the same. I agree with turnaround times in general but that's because the market has grown in the last 2 years and the businesses need more time to grow, which they are every day.
  5. https://auction.royalmint.com/auctions/catalog/id/23 Is this just another gimmick by the RM? Curious as to how they differ if at all from normal strikes, does anyone know more? I imagine they could just be selling bullion as trial pieces knowing them! 😄
  6. Really need to get it under a good microscope to tell that if S and 5 is similar on halves. On fulls its normally 5 and 3 that's the issue Do you have a loupe? Try photographing through it if so.
  7. "Cleaned" is typically for harsh cleaning, an ultrasonic (the cheap type off amazon) will be fine, but just use warm water and only for a minute or so. I would only use the ultrasonic if there is direct deep in the details, legend etc. It won't remove the surface dirt so much. A gentle wipe with your thumb under warm water is best for that. But do note, that dirt can cover up things, scratches and wear will look less obvious uncleaned.
  8. I'm sure I can spare a bullion Jubilee if you want one 🙂
  9. @Mike Yes I'm your man for any technical assistance you may need! 🙂 As for brand itself it really depends what you are after, I personally went with Netgear as it was more Enterprise focused but that was some time ago now and things may have changed. You say for home and work, do you have the secure network setup to handle that?
  10. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone here talks directly with anyone higher up at NGC that would be able to assist in some form of partnership with us for usage of the reference? We have something in place with PCGS already, so it would be great to cover both grading bodies.
  11. First time I've seen them and 100% they are far better, but personally didn't like their "style". I'm crossing my 5 coins from this auction to PCGS so will show the differences when that time comes 🙂
  12. If you don't blindly cross coins you should get good results. A few of mine that didn't crossed I looked again, one got Details Cleaned (originally in NGC slab), and 100% the coin was cleaned!! shocking but cannot be angry that they didn't cross it of course. It's important to cross from one to the other if you buy a rare coin in one, and it isn't in your set on the other, that's the purpose for the acquisition in the first place if you're going for a competitive set
  13. @Mike Just to add one more thing on the "buy the coin not the slab" that I and you both preach. This is virtually impossible online with NGC coins, their photography is shocking and often worse than just taking a picture of the slab with your phone. It's very hard to buy an overgraded PCGS coin if you know what you're doing, as you just pop the cert in and for 90% of coins they have high res images (not for some very old slabs). The days of shows are dwindling, so just be careful everyone with buying online. I've found that quite a lot of popular online weekly auctions sell crap NGC coins, more and more over the last few months in fact. Just keep your eyes peeled and asked for better images if you are paying a lot of money for a high grade coin. Even I've been victim of a few when I turned up late and thought I could grab something good, only to find out it's 2 grades lower and would never cross.
  14. Where are NGC stats found? I don't trust much of their data, I've been working with it for some time now and their whole backend is a mess. No APIs, inconsistent and messing reference figures, fake varieties and mistakes. I know you think I just want to push PCGS more than NGC but there is a technical and valid reason for that. If all I were interested in was cost and ease of grading then I also would have picked NGC for my collection, but I didn't so that should speak volumes right? 🙂
  15. I did just post this on another thread but this also seems like a good place to share it. Many people don't know this, and it is why PCGS slabs often sell for more money. It is also why you should buy the coin and not the slab, I do very well with my crossovers due this. Last 30 days if crossovers at PCGS:
  16. No they don't work together, when you cross a coin (to PCGS at least), they send you the NGC cert back. You then have to send this to NGC and hope they accurately act on it. After my recent correspondence with NGC I'm not too trusting in their processes, which for me isn't surprising. So before I send off any certs I am writing some scripts on the backend of the reference to store historical pop reports weekly. That way when I send certs off I can more easily see the figures change. Super important when like me you have single finests or an example where only 3 exist etc.
  17. Well done it's a great coin 🙂 I know NGC is easier to grade with in the UK due to a few passthrough companies, but I would seriously consider PCGS's options. Sign up (I think for free), and take a look at their "Set Registry", it's honestly far suprior. I can submit a few coins here and there to PCGS for people on the forum, not in bulk and not all of the time, mainly for a few new collectors looking to get started!
  18. @Foster Just to add that this is DISH M7, and the first legend types are rarer with the different JEB formats (hooked type)
  19. @Foster depends on your goal really, they aren't the rarest of the first legend types so depends on your cost to grade and purchase cost. It looks 55/58, little hard to tell the level of detail with the dirt, generally I find no harm in a little rinse with warm water 🙂
  20. @Mike does sound like a really good idea but don't think that is a core feature, I will check the marketplace.
  21. @Mike I've added this now, would you be able to pin a topic there on how to use the trade section and this feature at some point? The way this works is you create your thread, and then click "Mark Topic" from the thread at the top, then when you need to change it you just jump back and hit it again. If we need more fields I can add them and also tweak colours a bit if needed
  22. There are many gold-pegged cryptocurrencies already, but more are due to come. IMHO they are just a fad and as mentioned jumping on the bandwagon, there is no utility to them at all. Why trust one of the many operators instead of say the Royal Mint's vault storage, they offer bullion at or near spot and store for you right? this is no different. @SovereignSaurus Again I don't feel like it would be any different, you are still trusting a third party not to operate a fractional reserve, would you really trust a company over a government, aren't they just the same? 😄 Blockchain itself is and will change the world, the utility potential is mind blowing that many cannot even comprehend. All of these meme coins and games etc are just a part of the process, they will not survive of course but they don't need to, they are testing vehicles in a way.
  23. Yes I'll add that. In fact "prefixes" are an extension of the default "tags", and by default anyone can create a tag and use it, but I've removed that functionality for now in favour of a specified list that we can just build out. I looked into colouring them, it isn't possible with core but is possible with a paid extension, so can look at add that also in the coming weeks.
  24. Wow please do name and shame! Shocking to see that listed good condition and really not your mistake... But for sure this is as your describe, it's very clear to be honest. I love my varieties but I'm not familiar with pre-victoria but this is in the ref just without images as of yet: https://thegoldsovereign.com/coin/1102/1826-george-iv-gold-sovereign-london-6-over-small-6 A real shame it's a details coin to be honest 😞. I may have to trouble you for some excellent images with a proper lens if that's possible to use in the reference? In terms of price I can't see it being that much because of the condition, I mean it's a 4-500quid coin without the variety so maybe 6-700 but I don't think I would pay over 400 for a cleaned coin personally.
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