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  1. I've nearly finished a 2010 - 2019 run and have already started on the Gillick's with a '58, '63 & '65. I've recently fallen off the wagon after a glut of 2022s - well, what I could afford 😆 but aim to continue once I've saved up some pennies again.
  2. Many thanks, again @Shaun Fortunately (depending on how you look at it) it was a trade, I'm only out on postage on this occasion... actually, from initial outlay it was a plus! It's something to take into consideration in the decision process if you have numbers you want to switch over. Signing up now to delve a little deeper down the rabbit hole...
  3. Just been reading the process on both sites, nothing's mentioned about informing the registry's if a crossover is successful. edit: I'd assume not as it's not mentioned but suspect they would return the label(s) with the coin(s) so you have to do the honor's at your cost.
  4. Cheers Shaun, FYI I purchased the 2017 pre-slabbed. Just started adding coins into the NGC yesterday evening, just finding the registry was a b***ache, let alone working out how to add anything... After your comments I had a browse of the PCGS site and it appears SO much slicker however I have two concerns with PCGS; PCGS currently appear to have a much smaller market in the UK vs. NGC, would/does this have an impact if selling/trading? to add - it appears less so with experienced numismatic members such as yourself. As others have mentioned, location. If PCGS opened in the UK I'd be so much more inclined to submit my coins with them, I'm just concerned (as a novice) in additional risks/costs in sending items overseas. I'm in no rush to decide but thinking of grading a couple of 2022s and at some point a coupe of George IV Sovereigns - they're not MS state but I'm considering conserving/restoring & grading to protect them. I know you've mentioned the possibility of PCGS opening an office here, has there been any traction on this? Regards, Lee
  5. I've only been collecting for less than a year so for me budget has been key. I started with a modern date run to build up the numbers from zero, one per month and if I had some spare change I've added an extra one here and there... I suspect as many of us do, I've then traded some for more historic/numismatic pieces. For me it will be a matter of rinse and repeat as it's the only way financially I can obtain some truly wonderful and historic coins.
  6. May have to bookmark that @Mike for future reference, thank-you... like the idea of one fitting in a safe or deposit box! The RM cases are £49.99 inc VAT plus shipping (£5.00); * The Sovereign 19 Coin Collection Case * The Sovereign 10 Coin Collection Case * 1oz Gold Bullion 10 Coin Collection Case
  7. Anyone else seen these from the RM? Tempted to buy a 19 slot case or three, my only concern is storing them safely.
  8. A bit late but HNY all!
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