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  1. Thanks for this response, Brian. The worth of the coin is always an issue, but on this occasion it is about building a set and filling in gaps! I don’t really collect branch mint coins so will be moving this on. I have the coin in hand now and the mark/die number is not sharp so could easily go either way…..I will just leave as is. Cheers!
  2. Hi Shaun, I sent two separate submissions in Feb and then a third in March. They all came back last week. I spoke with them about the delays and the fact is that they have huge numbers of submissions and they cannot rush the process. They were really apologetic when I spoke with them and I guess it is, for the time being, the norm. Like Brian said, there are also busier times of year. Lots of new coins released at the end of the year etc. means it is often best to submit in August/September. Also, the registry awards demand updates to sets are completed by the end of June and that also causes people to submit in the first quarter… Hope they come back soon, Andrew.
  3. Thanks, Brian, I have a good understanding of mint marks on half sovereigns and die numbers. Your comments are understood and well received but do not seem to match with my own understanding. I hope you do not mind me asking you to go a bit further with sharing your knowledge. Some London half sovereigns have die numbers. As far as I am aware, the 1875 was issued with many die numbers including one with a 5. The die number is located where the mint mark would be for, for example, the Sydney coin. See the attached picture for an 1877 London example with a die number 155. You seem convinced by what you are saying about half sovereigns which is causing me to challenge what I assumed to be good/correct knowledge. Are you saying that there were no half sovereigns minted in London during 1875 with a die number in the same location as the mint mark for the Sydney minted coins? Andrew.
  4. It didn’t cross. Gutted. I think the ‘+’ ones are always difficult to assess. Def a 66, but as I already have a PCGS in 66 this one will be off to auction!
  5. The batch I sent to PCGS came back on Friday. This one ended up with a designation of AU50 as a Sydney coin!! Oh well! It will be in the next Coin Cabinet auction!
  6. The coin has been assigned and it seems to be being processed as a Great Britain coin. So that is (in theory) that question solved!
  7. I should add that you can always contact Steve Hill at Sovereign Rarities or Eric Eigner at Drake Sterling (who will absolutely want to know about this Sydney coin, I suspect!). Both are proper experts (unlike me!!) and both have also been incredibly generous with their time with me previously when I had a pretty big discovery that I wanted to check in with them about (Marsh 480A - recorded in 2021 as R7 but now thought to be R5).
  8. Afternoon! I am by no means an expert on branch mint halves! I have consider branching out (forgive the pun) to collect these little beauties but stopped myself because I need to first complete my London coins first! However, I can answer some points below. First though, I must admit that I have the fairly easy to come by 1925 and 1926 SA halves. Two recent versions in beautiful condition were sent to PCGS for restoration last month so can update on those if there is interest! So I have already started to not just think outside of London….. As for the 1897 Sydney, this is what I can see from my books and other brief research: 1. Marsh First Edition (see pic) confirms ‘Not known’. Published in 1982. 2. Marsh Second Edition (see pic) confirms ‘Not known’. Published 2004. 3. Marsh/Hill ‘The Gold Sovereign’ (see pic) confirms three possible versions 503, 503A and 503B (Proof). Published 2021. So, as is the case with all research combined with societal and technological changes making obtaining and reviewing coins easier - more is being discovered. The 2021 Marsh/Hill is the place to concentrate and first check which coin it is that you have. You may also want to get some high resolution pics taken so someone can count the denticles!! If you can post pics we can have a look and see whether it’s a 503, 503A or 503B (incidentally, these are just the Marsh references for the coins). Cheers, Andrew.
  9. I had already sent this to PCGS when I had an about take and sudden realisation that the 5 I thought was a 5 could actually be an S….so I haven’t been able to take further pics with a loupe! I think Steve is right about the lettering - it is the same. The only defining feature that I can find is the S/5! The more I look at the pictures I have, the more I am convinced it’s a Sydney. Still no news from PCGS on this one. It was received on 7 Feb and has been ‘not yet assigned’ since then!
  10. Finally managed to get a 66+ with NGC and will be sending to PCGS next week for cross over. Fingers crossed it crosses!
  11. Cheers, Andy! Not sure I understand. I was talking about 1914. 😊 I have a PCGS MS66 already. 🤓 The NGC states ‘7’ for the 1914 at 66 but that includes the 2 66+. I would love a 66+ if ever available! I have just bought a really nice 1914 and am going to submit for restoration once I have a few others. Not sure if it would hit 66+ but I am hopeful of a decent grade. Bloomin’ typical as I just send 8 others (not 1914!) to PCGS thinking I wouldn’t buy anymore for a while!!! The FedEx fees make it so difficult to send a single coin!!
  12. I’ve always been a half sovereign collector! I have full date runs of George V and Edward VII and am working on Victoria! So far a full run of the veiled heads, all dates of the Jubilee (but NOT all varieties, yet!) and a number of young heads (with some varieties including the 85/3). I have the majority graded with PCGS (either self graded or bought graded) and quite a few top grades with just the one single finest at the moment. Currently concentrating on the 1870 period.
  13. Good morning! Hope all are well? I recently bought a really nice 1875 Half. I am struggling a little to confirm whether it is a London or Sydney issue. It’s ridiculous but I just can’t work out if it is a die number (5) or a mint mark (S) under the shield. There is no dot on the reverse which I believe applies to both the Sydney and London version. Are there any other major distinguishing features? Am I missing something key? I have consigned to PCGS recently as a London coin as it would fill a gap for me (!) but would equally be happy if it came back as a Sydney Mint coin. Picture attached. Sorry that it’s not great. Taken before it was consigned and I took a double take on the issue of it possibly not being a London issue. Thanks for any help!
  14. Sorry, Andy, ignore me, the census shows 5 66 and 2 66+. Cheers and please do let me know if you come across any 66 or 66+ examples!
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