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  1. I don't know a great deal about grading but if I were choosing what I thought was the nicest coin based on the pics I'd go left. Sorry I can't help with an actual grade though, beautiful coins mate.
  2. Yep it was from March and sold quote quickly. (Not to me) more of a stacker than a collector it seems, at least for now..
  3. Also about 60 years ago demand for sovereigns was high and they traded at significant premiums over spot even just as basic bullion coins. The other potential reason to fake a coin with the correct gold content is a rarer date that would have a high premium too. Not making a call that this coin in the photos isn't genuine more just adding to Brian's comments.
  4. Is that what a die crack looks like? 🤔
  5. I've no idea re grades still something I'm learning but stunning coins
  6. Since I posted this about 1 month ago I ended up coming across about a dozen over different listings without specifically seeking them out. I've got one in the bag now at least so that's one less portrait to look out for 😁
  7. Thanks I've been taking some time looking at different examples in image searches. Learning slowly 😁
  8. Funnily enough I just got one in a mixed lot and saw another in a mixed lot I didn't buy since posting this 😂 Coincidence
  9. As a bit more background I see the £1 sov is sometimes going for a higher price than the double. I just feel like a double is better value in that case and perhaps buying the double is the 'best value' way to get a 1989 into the stack?
  10. Hi Folks. As a bullion stacker I'm relatively new to the idea of proof coins but interested in picking up something from 1989. I'm not keen on slabs and boxes etc generally What is a fair ballpark price for £2 double sovereign from 1989 ungraded as seen in the pics? It has box and coa included. Looking at eBay and the Coin Archives site prices seem to go from about £1300 upwards? Thanks
  11. Hi Folks. Does anyone come across many 2nd portrait bullion sovereigns of Elizabeth the 2nd? Decimal head, following the Gillicks. For some reason it seems that every other half sov I see for sale has that portrait but I've still never picked one up even by chance in the full sovereign size. I think they'll be between 1974 and 1984. Is it just a fluke or are they especially rare in bullion form?
  12. Hi Folks Saw this today. Whilst I'm really a bullion stacker I would like to get a few of the pre Victoria portraits Do you think it's worth buying a coin like this with the wear at that price point? Do you think it is better value to buy one in better condition at a higher price? I'm not particularly worried about budget more interested in value https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/dated-sovereigns/george-iii-1816-1837/pre-owned-1817-george-iii-full-sovereign-gold-coin
  13. Hi Guys. I'd love a pre Victoria sovereign in the future but spending some time learning before I stray from what I know. In terms of this coin, I can see the damage to the rim is where its previously been cut out of a jewellery mount, how can you tell I it has been cleaned? Is that just by eye? In the photos out of the plastic is does look shiny or polished compared to those photos inside the plastic where I can't really tell
  14. I don't think I'll be lifting my paddle. I suppose like a lot of collectibles there's the little story behind each piece
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