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  1. Oh they are around and probably in greater numbers than their quoted mintages suggest.
  2. I personally wouldn't have a coin that worn in my collection for any reason, unless it was of a rarity of R6/R7 perhaps.
  3. There is a difference between cleaned and polished. Cleaned usually means it has been wiped leaving parallel scratch lines. Anything more drastic is usually obvious and they will also use the designation "harshly cleaned" if it has been dipped in something caustic. A polished coin is usually obvious if you are used to looking at "clean" struck sovereigns. You can clearly see this effect in the second last photo above. Coins that have spent some time as a pendant will often have this polished effect and the fine detail is usually rubbed smooth.
  4. If they look as though they have a fair chance of grading 70 then £1500+ is reasonable.
  5. I don't take much notice in post-Gillick sovereigns but I would say you are probably right, I don't think they appear as often. Regarding bullion sovereign mintages you see quoted, they seem to be totally inaccurate.
  6. I think there are some differences in legend letter positions on the obverse. Might be worth having a close look, although they may be the same as both have the third larger head.
  7. I wouldn't like to go down the route of crossing from one to t'other, I have heard too many stories of strange decisions that suggests there are politics at work in both camps.
  8. The reverse isn't too bad but the onverse is pretty rough, I would say 53/55
  9. Indeed, I've sold 2 or 3 over the last couple of years🤨
  10. Seems I'm a Rank Farthing!😄
  11. Not sure myself, but if everyone else likes it😁
  12. I always found him quite friendly and accomodating. How do you ship expensive coins over to the States Shaun?
  13. Steve

    Covid 19

    Anybody who knows my posts on TSF will know my views on Covid. Mike this isn't going to end, although if this Omicron variant is all they say it is, it means the pandemic should be over. These coronaviruses mutate to a situation where they become more infectious but less dangerous, to a point where thay become endemic and just another cold like virus. However, the powers that be will not let it end. Anyway, I think this topic belongs on TSF and I'm going to leave it here.
  14. I have not seen any mention of a limit on coin value re:their shipping.
  15. Speaking personally, if they simply had an office in the UK, preferably Midlands somewhere, I would use them exclusively. Even if it were just an agent of some sort, so long as I could easily drop off either in person or by post and the coins were insured both ways as NGC offer.
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