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  1. Well I wasn’t happy with the ms63 grade on my 1)23 double…..so I sent it back to be reconsidered it should have been prooflike & now ngc have moved it to reflect this. I did get another 1823 which I’ve attached images of aswell. It looks prooflike and should improve on the ms63pl any views?
  2. Interesting. I thought about the 1823 double ms63pl. The pictures weren’t the best & I was not sure whether it was better than one I already owned. Images can be misleading or just damn poor
  3. Well for what it’s worth RM mint marque were contacting clients today……including yours truly, in my case to tell me I won’t be getting the 2oz gold. Not unless I get one the same way as non mint marque members get theirs. one if these days I’ll get one 🤣
  4. Not a criticism. But I think it’s a denomination which doesn’t see as much interest. That said I probably would have struggled to put my collection together if it were more appreciated 😜
  5. I notice the site has set up sub fora for halfs & fulls. Being an officionado of doubles both modern and vintage, I wouldn’t want the the double sovereign to be forgotten or passed by. It’s greater size all the more impressive in hand without potentially mortgaging your liver to pay for the Quintuple. By way of recognising the denomination I’ve posted a few nice examples I have from the vintage side
  6. Thanks @Rich I wasn’t aware there was a new edition due. I’ve just ordered it. 👍
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