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  1. Thanks for your reply! Almost everyone says that it's just a die crack, so I guess it is. I'm happy that I also learned something new about the history of the gold sovereign 😄
  2. Thanks for your reply! And very interesting historical fact... I didn't know it
  3. Greetings! A few days ago, I was looking at a gold sovereing I purchased on january at a LCS. At first, I thought it could be a mint error, but I searched on the internet and couldn't find any sovereing with something like this. The "error" is on top of the word "REGINA", and there's another one similar (but smaller) in another place. Now I'm worried it could be a counterfeit, so I'm here to ask for your opinions. The size and weight of the coin are both OK, and also passed the "ping" test. Thanks for your time 😁
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