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  1. Yesterday
  2. 2022 £5 Silver Proof crown with the JC portrait and 2021 2oz silver proof Gothic Crown (quartered arms). Im not really a silver collector but ive made the exception with these £5 crown Gothic Crown
  3. Nice, are you doing a date run or type set?
  4. To be fair, thats not a bad price for one of them, they are a nice box. Weird to only allow for 19coins rather than 20
  5. I used to use these guys years ago for domain name sales. However they also offer the service for general goods, including high value. Im just wondering if anyone has used this or a similar service for selling coins? Their fees are quite reasonable I think: https://www.escrow.com
  6. Recently acquired Lovely 1804 guinea
  7. Last week
  8. May have to bookmark that @Mike for future reference, thank-you... like the idea of one fitting in a safe or deposit box! The RM cases are £49.99 inc VAT plus shipping (£5.00); * The Sovereign 19 Coin Collection Case * The Sovereign 10 Coin Collection Case * 1oz Gold Bullion 10 Coin Collection Case
  9. They are nice box, how much do they want for them? I think, but not certain, that this is the guy that makes them for the RM: http://www.robdaviscabinets.co.uk
  10. Anyone else seen these from the RM? Tempted to buy a 19 slot case or three, my only concern is storing them safely.
  11. Very nice! Unfortunately with the 2022 and Xmas with three teenagers I'm spent, good luck with the sale(s)!
  12. No not yet, I think there must have been a delay to the printing. Im going to chase through foyles...
  13. Earlier
  14. What do you primarily collect?
  15. @Mike @Jaconet Did you receive this book yet?
  16. As imaged, plus post! Not sure on the going rate at the moment, 380? Have multiples if anyone is looking for more.
  17. @Leonmarsh Moved this to it's own thread, you need to create a thread for any sale 🙂
  18. Looking for ms graded third guinea Thanks
  19. 1718 quarter guinea 1818 sixpence Im in love
  20. A bit late but HNY all!
  21. CaptCaveMan


    Welcome @Leonmarsh There are a few of us also from TSF 😆
  22. Mike


    Welcome to the community @Leonmarsh… you’re ok 😄 👍🏻
  23. Nice coins @Leonmarsh 🙂
  24. A very very small start on my british coin collection Hoping to move on all my world gold and move into british finnally seen the light!!
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