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  2. I rarely buy raw coins because I have no eye for grading....I am of no help...........
  3. I don't know a great deal about grading but if I were choosing what I thought was the nicest coin based on the pics I'd go left. Sorry I can't help with an actual grade though, beautiful coins mate.
  4. Hi all, I wonder if any of you could help or advise regarding these two 1880 Sydney mint sovereigns. Which of the two would you say is the better and those who have more experience with grading, how might you ‘approximate’ how they’d grade. There are just two coins despite the numerous photos, the same coin is on the left in all photos and the same coin on the right. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for this response, Brian. The worth of the coin is always an issue, but on this occasion it is about building a set and filling in gaps! I don’t really collect branch mint coins so will be moving this on. I have the coin in hand now and the mark/die number is not sharp so could easily go either way…..I will just leave as is. Cheers!
  6. I have received literally hundreds of coins from all over the world and by many services. my favorite services from the UK to the US are first ROYAL MAIL and secondly DHL.........I dislike FEDX and hate UPS. bye the way.......I am in the western US...........
  7. Of course I'd be happy to help where I can. My overview is based on the 2021 edition, yes @BRIAN GREER
  8. Hi Shaun, I sent two separate submissions in Feb and then a third in March. They all came back last week. I spoke with them about the delays and the fact is that they have huge numbers of submissions and they cannot rush the process. They were really apologetic when I spoke with them and I guess it is, for the time being, the norm. Like Brian said, there are also busier times of year. Lots of new coins released at the end of the year etc. means it is often best to submit in August/September. Also, the registry awards demand updates to sets are completed by the end of June and that also causes people to submit in the first quarter… Hope they come back soon, Andrew.
  9. ok...I think I understand the problem better...............first I am no expert on old stuff.....my interest is in Elizabeth II primarily. as I read Marsh, now that I think I understand your question, it is more complex than I thought and you have just cause to question...I was certainly wrong and incomplete in what I wrote. if you have received the graded coin, did it have research documentation in the package...??? if not, and you want to pursue this, you can provide more documentation and challenge the certification(I have had to do it twice and now have a third to send for reconsideration). am I right that the worth of the coin is at stake...an S or an R2...??? I guess I am, in the end, no help..............I look forward to the resolution. Eric at drake sterling in australia is pretty good with sovereign problems. again, sorry for underestimating the problem. Brian
  10. Thanks, Brian, I have a good understanding of mint marks on half sovereigns and die numbers. Your comments are understood and well received but do not seem to match with my own understanding. I hope you do not mind me asking you to go a bit further with sharing your knowledge. Some London half sovereigns have die numbers. As far as I am aware, the 1875 was issued with many die numbers including one with a 5. The die number is located where the mint mark would be for, for example, the Sydney coin. See the attached picture for an 1877 London example with a die number 155. You seem convinced by what you are saying about half sovereigns which is causing me to challenge what I assumed to be good/correct knowledge. Are you saying that there were no half sovereigns minted in London during 1875 with a die number in the same location as the mint mark for the Sydney minted coins? Andrew.
  11. I assume you are using the MARSH second revised edition 2021...???
  12. I did read the thread before responding............your pictures are great....the problem simple......it is a Sydney without doubt. google sovereign mint marks and you will find some really good explanations on mint marks. it does not matter if we make a mistake in the descriptions in our submissions......almost always the graders will correct us at some point in the review process...........
  13. this situation happens frequently in submissions received in dec-feb of recent years due to demand for certifications. the demand is growing faster than the company has been able to employ new qualified graders. being a dedicated gold sovereign collector, I have turn around time problems every dec................so I simply call customer services. usually the agent can determine the status of my submission. when it seems stuck for some reason the agent can shake up things a bit and get the submission moving..........usually everything is ok and i just have to wait.................................................I suspect that non-US coin submissions get stuck more frequently, but I don't that for sure. I have good relations with the PCGS registry(nice people)..........NGC registry people are more difficult...............both companies have excellent customer service agents. dealers from outside the US have told me that long wait times are the rule, so they call or email asking for a status report.......(remember the shipping, to and from, accounts for 6 weeks or so of the wait. and don't forget to check your registry account. it usually get a status report, as much as it is...........................
  14. @Haven The reference we are creating here could use some help if you're interested. I have another layout/view for an overview that I can share with you, PM me if you would like to help us build it :)
  15. So, I have an active submission that has been with PCGS for 5 months now, just wondering what everyone elses situations are with submissions? Anyone experiencing such delays?
  16. if it has a mint mark it is not a London struck coin...in other words, on London struck sovereigns there is no mint mark....and...you will never find a die number where the mint mark goes...therefore this coin is not a London struck coin....... since the mint marks looks like a 5 it must be a Sydney since that is the only mint mark that might be confused with a 5......................
  17. It didn’t cross. Gutted. I think the ‘+’ ones are always difficult to assess. Def a 66, but as I already have a PCGS in 66 this one will be off to auction!
  18. The batch I sent to PCGS came back on Friday. This one ended up with a designation of AU50 as a Sydney coin!! Oh well! It will be in the next Coin Cabinet auction!
  19. I guess it depends if it's for collecting or resale then, as others have highlighted generally we want to see beautiful specimens!
  20. @Frank0215 Can confirm that it's just a die crack 🙂 I don't handle that many lizzys, but i don't think it's as common with them.
  21. Thanks for your reply! Almost everyone says that it's just a die crack, so I guess it is. I'm happy that I also learned something new about the history of the gold sovereign 😄
  22. Thanks for your reply! And very interesting historical fact... I didn't know it
  23. Yep it was from March and sold quote quickly. (Not to me) more of a stacker than a collector it seems, at least for now..
  24. Also about 60 years ago demand for sovereigns was high and they traded at significant premiums over spot even just as basic bullion coins. The other potential reason to fake a coin with the correct gold content is a rarer date that would have a high premium too. Not making a call that this coin in the photos isn't genuine more just adding to Brian's comments.
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