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  1. Hi all, I wonder if any of you could help or advise regarding these two 1880 Sydney mint sovereigns. Which of the two would you say is the better and those who have more experience with grading, how might you ‘approximate’ how they’d grade. There are just two coins despite the numerous photos, the same coin is on the left in all photos and the same coin on the right. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I’m just looking for some advice or clarity I suppose. Half sovereigns aren’t really my thing but I like them none the less. I’ve recently bought an 1897 Sydney Mint half sovereign and the latest Marsh book is confusing, at least to me regarding this coin. I know this is listed as R3 in the latest (2021) version of Marsh which is telling in how few have been sold through various auctions. It’s listed as ‘Marsh 503’ can anyone explain or help me to understand the description and is this really as rare ‘R3’ as it is described? As you can see, half sovereigns aren’t my main focus and my knowledge reflects that.
  3. I started what is probably my first collection of sovereigns in 2020. The George V ‘small’ head variety, there’s 10 in total and I currently have 8, I’m just missing the 1929 M and 1931 M sovereigns. They are out of budget for me at the moment as these are £1,000+ each but I would like to some day complete the set. I’ve managed to get 8 in just under two years so I’m not doing too bad. Apart from my modern date run from 2018 - present I haven’t really stuck with any sort of collection. I just buy what I like but eventually I’d like to do a full date run from 1911 - 1932 of George V sovereigns. Another collection that would be good and one I’ve considered is a 1957 - 1968 Gillick sovereign collection.
  4. Thanks for your opinion. I’m actually picking up an ultra sonic jewellery cleaner in a few days, do you think it would be suitable to put this sovereign in? I’m just a little worried if it cleans it too much. I wonder how the graders would look at it then and maybe class it as ‘cleaned’.
  5. I’m wondering if any of you here can offer your opinion. I have an 1887 Melbourne Mint Jubilee Victoria sovereign and I’m wondering if you think it would grade well. It’s a 1st variety, unsure which DISH it is in the Marsh book. Oddly, the legends of the obverse seem to be like the day it was minted. You’ll see this in the photo below. I know it’s not the most attractive sovereign and it is worn in places but I’d like the opinions of this ‘new’ community.
  6. I can see that @Steve is a rank Farthing. 😬
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