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Don’t forget double sovereigns


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I notice the site has set up sub fora for halfs & fulls. Being an officionado of doubles both modern and vintage, I wouldn’t want the the double sovereign to be forgotten or passed by. It’s greater size all the more impressive in hand without potentially mortgaging your liver to pay for the Quintuple.

By way of recognising the denomination I’ve posted a few nice examples I have from the vintage side











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Really nice @Jaconet, great grades! 

I do have a soft spot for a 1902 proof in any size. They are lovely in hand.

I don’t think it was the intention to pass over the double in terms of forum setup, more so just trying to keep the front end looking clean and uncertainty if the 5 sovereign would have enough footfall initially to warrant it being out on its own.

Not that my collection of doubles is comparable to yours, but you know I do like them and i agree they do show the design off well!

Im sure @Shaun will look at the arrangement when he can, another thing for his list 😄

@Jaconet suggest sticking a request in the suggestions sub forum so it doesn't get missed 👍

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