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Guess the year...


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2 minutes ago, Shaun said:

Really would like to know what chemicals they put on these coins, do you not feel it's removed all of the cameo?

No I don't, but I do see your point and had been looking at it with a similar thought when I first got it back. I don't think the difference in lighting helps the photos here. It was never a heavy cameo, but due to the hazy fields in the original shot I was able to position in a way that helped display the cameo better but wouldn't really have worked once the fields were more reflective. You see the black back of my iPhone that I use to darken the field more prominent in the first shot and its has more of an orange / warm light going on so was probably done at night. The second shot has more white light and I think a purple / pink highlight as a reflection from monitors. When Im next able to, I'll get a different photo and try to replicate the first shot and see how they compare. I've attached a different shot I took but i'm not sure it really achieves anything different.

I find not having a great camera set-up, the best position is often spoilt by the way the light strikes the portraits and can make what is a gentle form look sharp and 'odd' so I tend to position to show the form rather than necessarily the contrast between the fields and devices, which sometimes makes for awkward reflections.


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Love this thread! Makes me want to send all my coins for conservation now. I usually just ask for grading. Have a fair few high grade halves bought via auctions and direct from sellers that are in older PCGS slabs and was considering sending them off for the photography and gold shield additions. May have a think about conservation now too. 

My one question is whether you think this is worth it or not? I should add that my coins are all MS and so the issue of a reduction in cameo is not such a problem for me!

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