Elizabeth II

The Sovereign of Elizabeth II was originally produced from 1956 to 1968. It would also be the last gold sovereign produced before the decimalization of the British currency in 1968. The obverse features a bust of Elizabeth II bearing a laurel wreath designed by Mary Gillick.

As one would expect, the reverse of the coin displays Pistrucci’s famous St. George slaying the Dragon design, a hallmark of British sovereign design. From 1998, sovereigns baring Elizabeth’s bust would use an ‘old head’ design which, shows a more elderly Elizabeth on the reverse. A specific example is the 2018 sovereign, with an old head bust designed by Jody Clark of the Royal Mint. Clark’s initials appear at the base of Elizabeth’s bust.

Date Head type Mint Scarcity Reference Gilchrist Photos
1953 First Bust London TBC G-953L.E1P1 31600?Image of a 1953 undefined
1957 First Bust London TBC G-957L.E1C1 31700?Image of a 1957 undefined
Image of a 1957 undefined
1958 First Bust London TBC G-958L.E1C1 31800?Image of a 1958 undefined
Image of a 1958 undefined
1959 First Bust London TBC G-959L.E1C1 31900?Image of a 1959 undefined
Image of a 1959 undefined
1962 First Bust London TBC G-962L.E1C1 32000?Image of a 1962 undefined
Image of a 1962 undefined
1963 First Bust London TBC G-963L.E1C1 32100?Image of a 1963 undefined
Image of a 1963 undefined
1964 First Bust London TBC G-964L.E1C1 32200?Image of a 1964 undefined
Image of a 1964 undefined
1965 First Bust London TBC G-965L.E1C1 32300?Image of a 1965 undefined
Image of a 1965 undefined
1966 First Bust London TBC G-966L.E1C1 32400?Image of a 1966 undefined
Image of a 1966 undefined
1967 First Bust London TBC G-967L.E1C1 32500?Image of a 1967 undefined
Image of a 1967 undefined
1968 First Bust London TBC G-968L.E1C1 32600?Image of a 1968 undefined
Image of a 1968 undefined
1974 Second Bust London TBC G-974L.E2C1 32700?Image of a 1974 undefined
Image of a 1974 undefined
1976 Second Bust London TBC G-976L.E2C1 32800?Image of a 1976 undefined
Image of a 1976 undefined
1976 Second Bust London TBC G-976L.E2P1 32801?Image of a 1976 undefined
Image of a 1976 undefined
1978 Second Bust London TBC G-978L.E2C1 32900?Image of a 1978 undefined
Image of a 1978 undefined

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