Photography Copyright

With thousands of coins being added to the reference database there will also be thousands of photographs too. The idea here is to display certain varieties in a clear fashion in comparison to the confusing nature of other references out there at present.

There is a major problem currently with dealers and grading companies not knowing what they are handling, and this is one of the reasons this referencing system was conceived. There are too many wrongly holdered coins in the marketplace, and there is not enough clear information for the grading companies to utilise and get their labelling correct.

We hope that the images provided in this reference are clear enough to display the error in question, and avoid confusion in the future.

Compiling these images is a hugely laborious process, hours upon hours will be needed to complete the process and this is where we ask simply that images are not reused elsewhere without our express permission. We don’t think it’s a lot to ask!

At present most images will be watermarked, but in the future we aim to remove this to registered users, especially for images taken via microscope setups that would hinder the images too much.

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