As the years pass the wealth of knowledge surrounding the Sovereign continues to grow. Without prior knowledge to build upon and additional research being carried out it would not be possible to provide the database and Gilchrist referencing system found on this website. A special thanks goes out to the below individuals and publications for their tiresome research.

Naturally as further resources are added to the Library, and newly discovered coins are added to the database, there will be additional references added here.

  • Steven Hill - The Bentley Collection, The Ultimate British Sovereign Collection 2012.
  • Greg McDonald - the Pocket Guide to Australian Coins and Banknotes, 19th Edition 2012.
  • Michael A Marsh - The Gold Sovereign, Golden Jubilee Edition 2002.
  • Monetarium - The Quarter Master Collection, auction catalogue 2009.
  • A Wilson and M Rasmussen - English Pattern Trial and Proof Coins in Gold, 2000.
  • Spink and Sons - Numismatic Circular Vol.85, 1977.

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